7+ Free Crypto Trading Bots to Try: 2022

Trading bots are everywhere and certainly in the crypto market. AI Crypto trading bots copy the best performing trades, monitor the volatility of the marketers, and exercise precise trading in a fraction of seconds to ensure you cap the maximum opportunities. Take a look at some of the benefits of AI crypto trading bots before we rush into the list of best AI crypto trading bots. 

Benefits of Crypto Trading Bots: 2022

One fundamental reason why you should be using crypto trading bots is that they give you better ROI. Add here are some of the ongoing benefits of crypto bots. 

  • Backtesting: Backtesting analyses the feasibility of an idea by applying trading principles to historical market data. The machine cannot make educated guesses and must be told precisely what to do. Traders may use these precise collections of guidelines to test them on historical data before putting their assets at risk in live trading. Backtesting carefully helps traders to analyse and fine-tune a trading concept, as well as assess the system’s expectancy —that is, the average amount a trader may expect to gain (or lose) per unit of risk. 
  • Speed & Precision: Since crypto trading bots react instantly to the volatile changes in market conditions, the automated systems will produce orders as soon as trade requirements are reached. Getting into or out of a trade a few seconds sooner will make a significant difference in the result of the trade. Additionally, all protective features like stop losses and minimum profit goals are immediately created as soon as a position is reached.
  • Emotionless Trading: Any decision made by a crypto trading bot is dependent on perception. It, unlike humans, has no fear of losing or hunger for gains. Experienced traders may be able to make rational decisions by suppressing their emotions, but this is not always the case for everyone, especially beginners. A crypto trading bot, on the other hand, still leaves sentiment out of the equation.
  • Constant Trade: Crypto trading bots do not tire of performing repetitive tasks. Thus, they can assist with 24/7 trading without losing efficiency over time. They are your money minting machine on auto-pilot.
  • Copy Trading: Some of the platforms allow you to copy the best performing bots from experienced or seasoned traders and thus eliminate the learning curve completely. 

7+ Free Crypto Trading Bots to Try: 2022

If this article, we have a comprehensive list of the 7 best AI crypto trading bots that you can use to trade on major crypto exchanges for a substantial profit. 

1. 3Commas: Free Crypto Trading Bot

3Commas can help users grow their crypto investments using feature-rich automated bots that operate on 18+ major exchanges. SmartTrade and Terminal enable you to set your trades in advance based on triggers you specify. Set the trade, and walk away… 3Commas will handle it. Additionally, you can copy the best performing bots from seasoned traders and skip the learning curve. 3Commas does offer a Free plan to get you started and you can then choose their starter or advanced subscription plans.  


  • Rebalancer: Create portfolios with any coin allocation and rebalance your account with a click.
  • Dashboard: Add multiple accounts to track your portfolio and check your daily PnL
  • Paper trading: Trade without money. Test strategies safely and without any risk.
  • Smart Cover: Accrue additional profit with unexpected market moves. Sell and buy back coins.
  • Options Bots: A simple set of automated strategies to trade options on an exchange.
  • Signals: Subscribe to signals provided by other traders to copy strategies.


  • Free Plan: The free plan offers you one grid bot, one options bot, one DCA bot, one active smart trade and an unlimited scalper terminal. 
  • Starter Plan: The starter plan offers you one grid bot, one options bot, one DCA bot, unlimited active smart trade and unlimited scalper terminal along with paper trading. The plan starts at $14.5 per month when billed annually. 
  • Advanced Plan: The advanced plan offers you one grid bot, one options bot, unlimited DCA bots, unlimited active smart trade and unlimited scalper terminal along with paper trading. The plan starts at $24.5 per month when billed annually. 

2. Cryptohopper: Free Crypto Trading Bot

Cryptohopper offers a world-class automated crypto trading bot. It is a powerful, AI-powered crypto trading bot to help you save time, trade 24/7, and automate your trading. Cryptohopper works closely together with exchanges and regulators. Your account is protected by industry-leading security protocols.


  • Management of portfolio: Helps connect all your exchange accounts and manage their trading terminal.
  • Trailing: Helps follow the price movement and sell/buy automatically when the price goes in another direction.
  • Trading bot: Helps copy other traders easily, or trade automatically with our unique trading A.I.
  • Pro Tool: Allows you to use tools like DCA, Market-Making, Arbitrage or our own free of charge charting software.


  • Pioneer: Free plan.
  • Explorer: Costs $16.58 per month.
  • Adventurer: Costs $41.58 per month.

3. Quadency: Free Crypto Trading Bot

Quadency is the one-stop trading platform for investors of all levels that allows you to trade crypto with just a few clicks to connect to their pro tools like bots and trading automation. It allows you to manage your digital asset portfolio, place trades faster than ever, and customize professional strategies to automate your investing.


  • Unified Experience Upgrade: Helps trade on all top tier exchanges from one, fast and intuitive interface featuring various order types for every trader.
  • Premium Bot Powers: Offers sophisticated trading made simple, choose from pre-built popular strategies, customize, and go live in minutes.
  • Boosted Portfolio Analytics: Helps monitor all of your assets from exchanges and even offline wallets to track your performance over time.
  • More Valuable Charts: Helps go beyond market cap rankings with integrated market screener and charts coupled with high-quality streaming data.
  • Functional Asset Research: Helps skip the noise of social media and ad-blanketed news sites with market insights from respected industry insiders.

Pricing: The Free Quadency plan offers 20 Live bots, 200 backtests, unlimited connected exchanges, and constant live support. The only fees that you will incur are the standard transaction fees charged by your exchange.

4. Kucoin: Free Crypto Trading Bot

KuCoin offers a free-to-use trading bot software that you can use to automate your crypto trading. It has allowed countless users to earn a stable income using the trading bot at absolutely no cost. It is extremely simple to set-up, runs on autopilot and is absolutely free and simple to use.


  • Spot Grid: Kills volatility by selling high and buying low.
  • Futures Grid: Helps make long or short to profit from market trends.
  • Smart Rebalance: Offers an investment portfolio that spreads risks in the long term.
  • DCA: Helps make a profit from regular investment.
  • Infinity Grid: Is a bullish volatility killer.

Pricing: The KuCoin trading bot is free to use for any registered user. They charge transaction fees per trade like any other form of trading on other markets. 

5. Pionex: Free Crypto Trading Bot

Pionex is a pioneer exchange with the leading crypto trading bots. You can totally leave market swings to their integrated auto-trading bots that will help you buy low and sell high automatically all the time while you spend time doing things you love. It offers 18 automated free trading bots.


  • Automated trading with 18 bots: Offers plenty of options for traders to choose from.
  • Manual trading with limit: You can also make manual trades.
  • Low trading fees: Offers a low-fee option for traders with a competitive fee of just 0.05%.
  • Leverage trading: Allows you to 3x leverage to trade on certain coins. 
  • Deep liquidity: Offers knowledge that there there is deep liquidity on the platform.

Pricing: It uses a fee schedule that relies on the maker-taker form, so you will pay a 0.05% fee only when you place trades that create or take away liquidity from the market.

6. Coinrule: Free Crypto Trading Bot for Beginners

Coinrule is an excellent beginner-friendly platform that helps you master the crypto market with the use of an automatic trade bot and become a professional trader. Using its advanced trading bots, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges. You can create a bot strategy from scratch or even use a prebuilt rule that has historically been traded on the exchanges. 


  • User-friendly automated trading: Provides a user-friendly interface which makes the process of implementing automated trading easy.
  • Built-in trading strategies: Allows you to choose from 150 rules to find a strategy that fits your needs the best.
  • Backtesting opportunities: Helps test out your trading strategy on historical market data.


  • Starter: Offers 2 live rules, 2 demo rules, 7 template strategies, 1 connected exchange, upto $3 monthly trade volume for free.
  • Hobbyish: Offers 7 live rules, 7 demo rules, 40 template strategies, 2 connected exchanges, upto $300k monthly trade volume, leverage strategies, live telegram notifications, free access to trader community, advanced indicators and operators for $29.99 per month.
  • Trader: Offers 15 live rules, 15 demo rules, unlimited template strategies, 3 connected exchanges, upto $3M monthly trade volume, leverage strategies, live telegram notifications, free access to trader community, advanced indicators and operators, tradingview integration for $59.99 per month.
  • Pro: Offers 50 live rules, 50 demo rules, unlimited template strategies, unlimited connected exchange, unlimited trade volume, leverage strategies, live telegram notifications, free access to trader community, one-to-one training session, ultra-fast execution, dedicated server, advanced indicators and operators, tradingview integration for $449.99 per month.

7. WunderTrading: Free Crypto Bot for Smart Trading

WunderTrading helps you automate any TradingView scripts into the fully functioning automated crypto trading bot. With their easy to use automated crypto trading software, you can construct and adjust any crypto bot in a matter of seconds. You can set the crypto bot on any of the best exchanges and any pair trading paid connected to WunderTrading.


  • Smart Trading: Offers a flexible way of creating orders for smart trading: adding and editing Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing stops to any order. 
  • Spread trading: Allows you to select which assets you would like to use for creating a spread. 
  • DCA bot: Allows you to lower the market volatility and improve your overall position entry price. 
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker: Offers an easy, safe and precise cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool.
  • Multiple Account Management: Allows you to easily manage multiple crypto exchange accounts, either manually through the trading terminal or automatically through bots. 


  • Free plan: Offers 5 open positions, 2 active bots, 1 API per exchange, trading terminal, spot trading, futures trading, simultaneous take profit and stop loss for free.
  • Basic: Offers 15 open positions, 5 active bots, 2 API per exchange, trailing spot, multiple take profit and DCA trading terminal for $9.95 per month.
  • Pro: Offers 100 open positions, 15 active bots, 5 API per exchange, fixed amount, spread trading terminal, and swing trade for $24.95 per month.
  • Premium: Offers unlimited open positions, unlimited active bots, unlimited API per exchange, fixed amount, spread trading terminal, and swing trade for $44.95 per month.


Crypto AI bots continue to monitor trade performance and give you the best return on investments. These crypto trading bots once integrated with the exchange of your choice can facilitate swift trading and help you increase your crypto investments.